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Tips to Create Stunning Stationery for Your Business

When it comes to creating printed marketing materials for your business, you should not forget about creating a company letterhead. This should be an essential part of your entire marketing efforts, providing a functional service while offering customers with the name of your company, the address and the contact details. It will also give you the ability to present your brand in a pleasing and professional manner for all of your communications.

There is no question that creating an effective letterhead can be quite a challenge. While it may seem unimportant in the grand scheme of your marketing plan, there are some situations where the letterhead can be the very first interaction your customers have with your brand, which means that it is essential that you get all the details correct.

When you first contact a professional printing company in Orange County to create your letterhead, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

Be Sure to Keep it Simple

The letterhead is essentially a delivery mechanism. This means that you should ensure the design is as simple possible. You want to be sure that it is noticed, but does not detract from the actual content of the letter.

Use the Proper Hierarchy

When you design your company’s letterhead it is important that it displays your information in a quick and effective manner. This means that you ensure that the name of your company and logo are displayed in a prominent position. You should also ensure that the most important information is positioned in an obvious location.

Consider the Use of the Letterhead

You need to consider what you are going to be doing with the stationary. If it is a personal letterhead, then you may want to include a personal phone extension. There are some industries that will require specific details for your stationary. However, in most situations, what you are able to include is up to you.

When it is time for you to create your custom letterhead for your business, you should take the time to think about how your customers will prefer to receive their actual communications. In many cases, it will pay to have both a hardcopy and digital letterhead handy within your office. Don’t skimp on the letterhead, be sure to use a professional printing service so that you receive quality results and make a great impression on your customers.