3 Reasons to Choose Video Walls Over Projectors for Your Company

Choosing your company’s AV setup is an important brand, workflow, and financial decision. However, if you are seeking a customizable solution, here are three reasons why video walls are the way to go.

First Impressions Are Everything

Location, location, location. Video walls are audio visual services that not only help streamline your workflows, but when strategically placed, they are your company’s first and best tool to boost brand recognition. From the moment prospects walk through your doors, they can clearly understand how your organization differs from the competition, become immediately familiar with your products, and leave with a strong impression of your identity and values that could have been lost to any stray, projected shadow or less than ideal ambient light.

Cost-Effective Solutions

When reviewing audio visual services, you have probably found that projectors are the most cost-effective solution. LED video walls do have an initial cost about 15% to 20% higher than their counterpart. Do not let the price tag fool you. While projectors may be the least expensive upfront solution, the cost of maintenance and energy consumption in simply the first five years will make you rue the day you skimped on your assets. Video walls are the cost-effective solution that pays for themselves, while using half the energy of a projector, in just two years.

Interactive Tools for the Modern Enterprise

Projectors are designed to do one thing: project. While this may be suitable for old-school presentations, they aren’t suited for modern, interactive requirements. Video walls can utilize smart devices, are touch screens, and can feature several displays at the same time.

No longer do you have to worry about retrofitting office spaces with carved-out projector spaces and limiting presentations to conference rooms with necessary size requirements. Video walls are customizable for tiny or uniquely shaped offices while maintaining crystal clarity of display.