4 Considerations Before Choosing Pallet Racks

by | Jan 27, 2021 | Material Handling Equipment Supplier

Inventory management is crucial to your business. You can save on costs and improve warehouse efficiency with the right pallet racking solution. If you’re choosing one for your operation, here’s how to pick the best one.

Storage Needs

What are your storage needs? Take a good, long look at the products that your company carries. What are the heights, weights, densities of your product loads? At what frequency do they enter and exit your warehouse? What is their shelf life? These questions will help you determine the rack or shelving that fits your needs.


How much do you have to spend on your rack solution? To get the greatest return on your investment, purchase a racking system that meets your current needs and gives you the ability to expand as your company grows. Whatever you do, though, avoid cheaply manufactured options. Super low prices don’t often come with top quality. Cutting costs upfront by purchasing a cheap system will result in a lot of repair and replacement costs down the road.


Prevent warehouse accidents by choosing pallet racks that are sturdy, well-built, and long-lasting. You’ll want shelves that withstand impact from material handling equipment. However, make sure that you understand the weight capacity of the shelf and that you don’t go over that figure. No matter how well-built your shelf is, if you go over its weight capacity, you’ll end up with an accident on your hands.


Consider the inventory diversity that you have. Put together a detailed list of all the pallets that you need to store. Do you have identical products? These will help you figure out which systems work better for you. Consider systems more suited to density or access. You may even need to use multiple styles of racking to accommodate different products.

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