4 Ways to Maintain Your Colored Hair

Hair completes your look. If you love experimenting with different styles and colors, though, make sure you use the right hair care products. That way, your hair won’t get damaged over frequent color changes over time. Here are some tips on how you can maintain your colored hair.

Pick the Right Shampoo

Whenever you change your hair color, use a non-conditioning or clarifying shampoo. Once your hair is clean, you can start applying the dye. Once you’ve changed your hair color, though, look for a temporary color change shampoo to maintain it. That’s one way to help the color last longer and stay vibrant.

Know Your Brands

It’s important that before you even apply a hair color, you know what the different brands are. Ask around. Reach out to friends and family, especially to those who also love coloring their hair. They can give you tips on which brands and products work well and which ones don’t, saving you money in the process.

Consider Your Options

What hair care products suit colored hair best? For instance, some will tell you to try dry shampoo. Others will also tell you to wash less frequently. If you plan on swimming sometime soon, it’s a good idea to wear a bathing cap since exposure to chlorine and salt water will lead to a faster fadeout for your hair.

Read the Reviews

When you shop around for hair care products, go over the feedback from other buyers. What do they say? When you look for mild or gentle cleansing shampoo for your hair, take the time to check out what other shoppers have to say. Are they happy with the product? Do they have other recommendations that you can alternate with? Gentle shampoos don’t often have oils, clarifiers, and sulphates, so look out for those ingredients.