5 Ways to Find a Doggie Daycare You Can Trust

The pet you love deserves the best. If you’re thinking about leaving her at daycare, consider the following tips. Here’s how to find the best doggie daycare in Toronto for your pooch.

Consider his needs

Is your dog social? Does he need or crave attention? Does he like to be around other dogs? If your dog is social, loves attention and being around other dogs, then that means he’ll be better off at a doggie daycare in Toronto while you’re at work. He will love being at daycare, instead of him moping around all day, alone in your house, the WebMD says.

Ensure his safety

The best way to look after your pet’s safety is to make sure you pick out a reputable daycare. Swing by the facility and talk to the staff. Watch them in action. Are they competent? Do they treat the animals with care and respect? Those are all good signs that you’ve found the right facility.

Ask about his accommodations

Where will your dog stay? If you’ve got a large dog, then you want a facility that can separate your dog from tiny dogs or puppies. Many doggy daycares will separate dogs based on size, personalities, activity level and play style.

Research your options

You can find daycare facilities by going online and looking for local dog daycares for pets. Referrals and tips from friends, family, colleagues and your vet can also help you find daycare centers for your pooch. Research online and check out feedback and comments. This will all give you the information you need to pick the right daycare.

Look for credentials

Ask the staff about the training and credentials they have. Do they have any experience in dealing with dogs that are of the same breed as yours? Do they know how to properly care for a small dog? Keep a lookout for any signs that the staff aren’t prepared or doesn’t have the right knowledge to care for the animals at the daycare.