Add a Professional Look to Your Small Budget Indie Film in New York City

by | Nov 18, 2021 | Business

Creating a small budget indie film often means cutting a lot of corners. However, you don’t have to give up a professional look and feel for your film. This includes utilizing video closed captioning services to reach more audience members. One New York City company can help you add the finishing touches to your film. You can choose to do the following to your film before you release it for public viewing.

Professional Editing and Colorization Services

You made a great short film, but then in the editing room the colors and vision are just flat. It happens. Professional editing and colorization can breathe fresh life into your film so that it looks like what you had imagined. Chromavision helps you achieve those more dramatic color changes to make your film pop. Light and shadow enhancements will help too.

Language Tracks and Closed Captioning

Consider creating language tracks in French and Spanish, at the very least. You will reach more people with your film when the subtitles for these languages are available options. Also the video closed captioning services will help you reach people with hearing challenges or deafness. Ignoring these unique needs ignores the millions of people that could view your movie otherwise. If you really want to profit off your film, extending your budget to include these features will help.

If you’re ready to see what your small budget, short film could look like, to know more please Chromavision today.

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