Civil Wedding

A civil marriage refers to a marriage that does not contain religious implications as recognized by the law. The ceremony is usually conducted by the local registrar at the courthouse or other public-approved venue.

Before the Wedding

A civil wedding must be registered through a 15-day notice to the wedding registrar at the local weddings registrar office. There is a need for two witnesses at the ceremony for the signing of the marriage register.

However, before the civil marriage could happen, there may be a need for some professional planning of the ceremony events to make the occasion a more memorable one. This may require the hiring of wedding minister services which cater to the venue arrangement with floral décor and non-religious music that would enhance the atmosphere of the wedding ceremony even if no religiosity is applied.

A civil wedding procedure is kept very simple unless there is an experienced wedding consultant or organizer who could plan out a romantic order of the wedding. The chosen place could be decorated with a specific theme that reflects the love between the wedding couple.

During the Wedding

A civil wedding could enjoy piped-in music from choice songs if live music is unavailable. There are standard choices of music that could be played before and during the bridal procession as well as after the ceremony.

Soft music could be played throughout the marriage vow recital or a special song presentation could be dedicated to the happy couple. There are many delightful options which would ensure success in a civil wedding if professional services were engaged to handle the marriage ceremony.

The wedding organizer is capable of planning a most meaningful wedding for those who hire them. All aspects of the wedding would be handled professionally to enjoy the best wedding one could dream of.