Why Consider Flammable Cabinets At Work

by | Dec 27, 2017 | Environmental Consultant

Most industries have to work with liquids and corrosives that could catch fire during an emergency or that could ignite or combust without anything there to cause the problem. Therefore, these fluids must be kept away from everything else. If you don’t already have them onsite, you should purchase flammable cabinets to protect these items from heat and flames during a fire. You’ll find that they are also resistant to chemicals, so if something spills, it won’t eat away at the container itself. Plus, you can find drip or containment trays to place in the bottom.

Flammable cabinets must be made according to the standards in your region. For example, if you work in Australia, you shouldn’t use a cabinet designed for the United States. They may not be to the same standards, and you run the risk of injuring your employees or causing more problems. Not only should the cabinet protect the chemicals from the flames of a fire, but should also protect from the high temperatures, as well. In most cases, the temperature will rise faster than the flames will travel, which means your container should protect from both.

At EcoSpill, they focus on helping you contain hazardous liquids to reduce fire risk and protect the facility. You will be able to organise and quickly identify all the liquids inside, as well as segregate them appropriately. Their products are designed to comply with EPA regulations and exceed the Australian Standards AS1940-2004. These products should only be used indoors. The cabinet features a 1.2mm steel wall, dual vents for ventilation, a self-closing and latching door, stainless-steel piano hinges, and adjustable shelf heights. You can also find leak-proof containment sumps and much more. Their flammable cabinets will keep everything inside safe, no matter what happens in the workplace.

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