Custom X-Ray Tubes Built With Passion and Hard Work

Off-the-shelf solutions are fantastic if they fit your creation. But what if they don’t? Maybe you’re creating a unique project that has specific design and functionality parameters that current X ray tube manufacturers don’t offer. Or maybe you’re looking for something a little… more?

Micro X-Ray, Inc., has been designing and manufacturing a wide range of unique X-ray tubes and solutions since 2014. Our list of acclaimed products continues to grow every year, as does our list of satisfied customers. Imaging, thickness gauging and continuous operation – we’ve got you covered.

How do we do it?

Simple. We looked at the market, decided there was a lack of X ray tube manufacturers creating solutions for unique applications and then jumped in with both feet. Our reputation as a world-class manufacturer didn’t happen overnight. We didn’t fall into it. Micro X-Ray set forth with that as our very goal. And we’ve achieved it.


By creating what we like to call “Engineered Art.” While some of the applications for our products mean they’ll never be seen once they are installed, that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be designed and engineered to look as magnificent as possible.

The X-ray tubes Micro X-Ray creates, along with the associated solutions, are beautiful. Not only are they aesthetic pleasing, they are created with our decades of craftsmanship and engineering experience. Combined with the modern technology at our disposal and our ability to manufacture everything in-house, we can produce anything you may need.

Micro-focus X-ray tubes, mini-focus x-ray tubes, silicon potted X-ray tubes – this is just the beginning of what we can create. Contact us today to see what unique solutions we can engineer for your project or application. Find out what hard work, passion, and persistence can get you in the world of X ray tube manufacturers.