Do You Need To Rekey The Locks In Your Home?

When it comes time to change the locks in your Winnipeg home, do you actually change them or do you rekey? Rekeying is a viable option. While it may not be ideal for all situations, it is certainly a less expensive alternative to changing the locks in your home. However, before you decide to rekey locks, you need to understand the basics and know when it is the best option.


When a locksmith rekeys a lock, he does not remove the entire mechanism and replace it with a new lock. He or she removes the various springs and pins comprising the tumbler. She then replaces them with new ones. When the job is finished, you receive a new key.

When It Is the Better Option

Some prefer to rekey locks. They know it is less expensive than lock replacement. However, cost is only one of the reasons people opt for this process. Generally, the residents and business owners of Winnipeg request rekeying for the following reasons:

  • Moved into a new place: If you do not know who has keys to your home or apartment, rekeying is a good idea
  • Changed roommates/domestics etc.: If you change roommates etc., lock rekeying is an excellent, secure and affordable solution
  • Lost keys: If you lose a key to your home, garage or shed, you should rekey for security reasons
  • Preventive security: If you want to “lock-out” someone, rekey the locks
  • Reduce to a singular key: If you have different keys for diverse locks, rekeying aligns them, reducing the number requisite to one

Do You Need to Rekey Locks in Your Home?

If you are moving into a home or have lost a roommate, maybe it is time to rekey locks in your home. In Winnipeg, locksmiths agree on the necessity for either rekeying or changing the locks under a variety of circumstances. Contact a local professional locksmith about your reasons and potential options.