Energy Efficient Grow Light Options

by | Mar 25, 2019 | Lighting Manufacturer

There is a significant difference between small types of agricultural or horticultural grow operations and those that are large scale production facilities. The larger the facility gets, the more important issues such as automated controls, the ability to control the light spectrum for different crops, and the use of energy efficient grow light options become as an operational decision.

It is important to realize that not every energy efficient grow light is right for all types of crops and applications. Using the wrong grow light can result in low fruiting and flower, poor production or even the increased risk of disease developing within an indoor crop, something that is of significant concern when growing any type of indoor crop on a large or small scale.

Specialized companies like Revolution Micro have developed highly advanced options in energy efficient grow light models. These lights provide full control for the facility operators, plus they build in energy efficiency, helping to reduce the cost of production.

The LED Advantage

One of the top options in an energy efficient grows light is the use of LED lighting technology. These lights can be customized to meet the specific needs for the growth of each crop type, and specialized controllers can be used to create the ideal spectrum with the same light for all stages of growth and development of the plants.

Additionally, LED lighting options to have a very long life cycle. The individual diodes last significantly longer than filament types of bulbs, which means a lower need to constantly replace bulbs, saving on not only energy consumption but on overall operating costs.

Another advantage to these LED lights is the limited heat generated in operating the lights. With as much as 50% lower heat production, it is easier for temperature in the greenhouse or grow facility to be accurately maintained, providing better growth and a more consistent quality of crop.

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