Enjoy Convenience and Security with a Home Safe

As an adult, you have many important documents that should be kept safe and secure. Some people keep documents in a safety deposit box at the bank. But, if you want to keep your documents close by so you can retrieve them right away, a fireproof and waterproof safe for your home is a smart idea. Look at three common items people put in their fireproof and waterproof safes for home.

Social Security Cards

The original social security card you receive at birth is a very valuable document. In some cases, you need to produce the original card and not a copy. So, having it on hand can be helpful. Keeping it in a safe means, it will be protected if a fire or flood occurs. Plus, you’ll know where it is if you need it.

Valuable Jewellery

Valuable items of jewellery are other common items kept in a safe at home. It may be a ring passed down from a great-grandmother or a watch that holds sentimental value for you. A safe is large enough to hold several pieces of jewellery, and you can get at them whenever you want.

Car Titles

You need access to your car title especially if you plan to sell your car soon. That’s why this is another type of item commonly kept in a home safe. New car titles, documents from mechanics and papers from a car dealer are other related items that may be kept with a car’s title.

When browsing through a selection of fireproof and waterproof safes for home, it’s best to keep in mind how many items you plan to put into the safe, then leave yourself a little extra space. Visit First Alert today to see safes in a variety of sizes and styles.