Experience Fantastic Curb Appeal with Rooftop Cupolas

Curb appeal can add significant value to your home, and with a unique set of home accents, you can be the envy of the neighborhood. Royal Crown is your leading provider of rooftop cupolas, copper weathervanes, lantern posts and more that add charm and sophistication to any style of home. Operated and owned in Lancaster County, PA, by three generations of Amish, these handcrafted accents are a stylish way to capture the old world charm. See how a custom cupola can transform your home in the most effective way.

Unique and Delightful Cupolas for Sale

At Royal Crowne, our cupolas are constructed of the highest quality materials. For over three decades, we have been crafting strong and durable vinyl cupolas that can weather any climate conditions and require very little maintenance. Our cupolas weathervanes are an eye-catching centerpiece of the façade of your home, and can be elevated with the addition of a lantern post or double mailbox post. Home or shed cupolas add a rustic charm to your home that creates value and appeal now and for decades to come.

Transform Your Home with Beautiful Cupolas or Lantern Posts Today

A vinyl mailbox post, lantern post or cupola weathervane is a unique feature for your home that will make you stand out. At Royal Crowne, we specialize in creating cupolas and outdoor décor that is unmatched in quality.