Fishing For Striped Bass From Boat or Shore Is Challenging But Fun

The popularity of fishing for striped bass has grown incredibly in recent years. Striper fishing was named as the No.1 activity is a recent survey of recreational sportfishing trend in Chesapeake Bay, for example.

Striped bass is an exciting fish to catch because of the fight it puts up and the challenge it poses for people who love to fish.

Yes, learning to catch striped bass comes with a certain learning curve. It also means choosing the right equipment and methods. That ranges from fly fishing to boat trolling. One can also simply fish from shore or even take a stab at night fishing.

Fishing supply companies produce equipment that is specially designed to go after striped bass, including striper reels, lures and rods. The type of equipment differs between methods.

Fly fishing, for example, is best done early and late in the day, according to fishing pros. Bass like to feed during periods of low light in the upper regions of water. Thus, casting with striper reels and a good fly-fishing rod can deliver exciting hours of fishing.

For pure effectiveness, trolling may be the best striper-fishing method. It enables coverage of a large area of water. That means you can go to where the fish are. Trolling can find areas where striped bass school and concentrate. Keep in mind that striper reels’ configurations and models for trolling are different from those favored in a fly-fishing situation.

Fishing from shore means you have less ability to go where the fish are, and yet this is an extremely popular method for going after the marvelous striped bass. In locations like New Jersey, New York and North Carolina, surf-fishing is hugely popular.

Rigs for surf-fishing tackle and reels are abundant in stores of these areas because customer demand is high. That tells you how much fun can be had with some good old-fashioned fishing by just standing on a beautiful shoreline and trying your luck.