Four Different Types of Water Filters and Purifiers for Your Home

You have the legal right to clean water. However, sometimes, you have to stand up for your rights. Tap water is considered legally pure enough to provide your home, but do you want legally pure or genuinely pure? The right water filtration system in your home will remove the contaminants and organisms from your tap water and give you the water you deserve. Check out a few of the different types of water filtration systems available and see how pure your drinking water can truly be.

Reverse Osmosis Filter System

This type of filtration system has gotten popular over the past few years. Through the use of modern water filtration technology, reverse osmosis eliminates microscopic particles that many other filtration systems can not. The final product is water that is free of lead, sodium, and that tastes pure as water should.

Activated Carbon

Activated carbon has been used as a filtration system for thousands of years and around the world. Carbon in this form works so well at removing toxins that the medical profession uses it to treat poisonings. It is one of the most popular filtration systems for homes and businesses and works well when used in tandem with other filtration systems.

Ultra Violet Filtration

UV filters don’t actually provide filtration. Instead, they work by killing viruses and bacteria using UV rays which are deadly to these tiny organisms. For this reason, you’ll want to use these types of filters in conjunction with those that filter out gasses, contaminants, and particulates such as a reverse osmosis filter system.


Ozone water purification functions like UV in that it kills bacteria and germs. Not only that, but ozone purification also helps in the oxidization of metals in your water, which makes the metals easier to filter out of water.

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