Four Ways to Upgrade Any Special Occasion to Take It to the Next Level

Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary or bridal shower, people want to give the best celebration possible. Parties are fine and a girls’ night out can go a long way, but what if you want an upgrade? There are a lot of options to make these occasions truly memorable. Most are probably even more affordable than you think.

1. Hire a luxury private jet charter.

“Private jet” immediately gives the impression that it’s too expensive, so many people don’t even both to check into the option. However, with an increasing number of services and plenty of sizes and styles of jets available, everyone can get the VIP treatment with a luxury private jet charter, regardless of their budget.

2. Upgrade your standard limo to a party bus.

Limo rentals are popular for all kinds of special occasions. If you’re planning a blowout party, why not get it started on a party bus instead? There’s more room for everyone in this nightclub on wheels, and it’s not much more expensive than a standard limo rental.

3. Use points and rewards to upgrade your hotel suite.

Again, if you’ve just booked a standard hotel room, a simple upgrade can make a big difference. Before you pay out-of-pocket, though, check out any points or rewards programs you belong to. See if your employer has an employee perks program that includes hotel discounts. That way, you can upgrade to luxury or Penthouse suites without the expense.

4. Hire a private chef and/or butler.

Even a simple dinner or party at home can be upgraded by adding a private chef or other professional staff. You can pay these people for a couple hours of their time and give your event that upscale feeling with ease. Plus, you’ll be free from cooking and hosting to spend more time enjoying yourself.

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