Get the Identification Documents You Need in Virginia for Cheap

by | Jan 21, 2021 | Legal Services

If you have plans to travel far or leave the country for any amount of time, you are going to need official documentation showing you have the right to travel; this is done for your personal safety, too. There a few ways you can get this documentation fast.

Visit Your Local Clerk’s Office

The first step would be a stop at your local clerk’s office. When it comes to things like custody orders and divorce decrees, the clerk’s office has an apostille seal they put on documents to verify signatures of judges, legal officials, and politicians. This same seal can be used to verify your passport, birth certificate, and signature. Things like Document attestation for China will come out of this office.

Private People and Companies

There are many people and private companies that take care of documentation paperwork for the general public. For a small fee, an individual/company will do all the hard work like making the calls, entering information online, and mailing documents in order to make sure all of the documentation is legit.

A company known for handling personal documentation is U.S. Authentication Services. Having an abundance of employees, this company is reported as the fastest when it comes to getting documentation verified. Their personal documentation program includes a seal from the Secretary of State, a U.S. Department of State apostille seal, and a seal from a foreign embassy. This allows individuals to obtain document attestation for China and for many other places. You can reach U.S. Authentication Services here

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