How Can You Know If the Production of Pet Products Is Done Ethically?

In the modern world, we have a lot of options regarding foods for our pets. when you are eager to support firms making ethical pet products, it can become a lot more difficult to know what you are buying or supporting. We won’t lie, it can be very difficult to figure out if a firm is as ethical as you would like. After all, you know that you cannot cut meat out of a dog or cat’s diet, and yet you still want to be as ethical as you can about the way that the foods are produced.

At the most basic level, authentically made, ethical pet products are identified by the way they source their ingredients. While a quick scan of a list of ingredients can help you get a good idea of the overall quality of food ( i.e., you see by-products in the first five ingredients, indicating a lower quality food and most likely an unethical supply chain), you can also use these tips:

Look for authentically organic foods – One of the easiest ways to steer yourself towards ethical pet products is to look for foods or treats made from organic ingredients. This is because organic labeling demands that meats and other ingredients do not come from factory-farmed sources.

Determine the producer’s use of animal testing – It is a sad truth that some brands use animals to test ingredients, formulas and other issues through the use of laboratory tests. These can include everything from starvation and enemas to isolation and skin irritants. Instead, look for brands that advertise no animal testing in the creation of their formulas. It is quite likely that a brand that does not test will also source its ingredients ethically and with environmental friendliness in mind.

Find a seller of natural pet products – If you have the good fortune of living near a natural pet product vendor, it is likely that they have many ethically made foods, treats, and products.

The good news is that more and more consumers are pushing for and supporting ethical pet products producers of all kinds. From treats and toys to dry and wet foods, there is a demand for healthier options that are also not the result of cruelty or environmentally hazardous production methods. If you are eager to get your hands on ethical pet products and you live in the Jacksonville area, Earth Pets offers an array of ethically sourced foods and treats that ensure optimal health for your dog or cat for years to come.