How To Choose A Nicotine Base Supplier

Across the UK and throughout the world, the demand for tobacco alternatives and tobacco cessation products continues to grow. Finding a nicotine base supplier to provide quality controlled, high-grade nicotine is a priority.

There are multiple factors to consider when selecting a nicotine base supplier. Spending time researching suppliers and locating the one that is right for your needs is an important part of the success of any e-cigarette liquid manufacture or those producing nicotine replacement or smoking cessation products.

Batch Capacity

Most manufacturers require specific formulations for their nicotine base. Working with a supplier with experience in producing nicotine base in the volume or batch capacity you require is essential. Not all manufacturers can offer large batch sizes, while other manufacturers may only work with large volume buyers.

Manufacturing Standards and Quality Control

Using a nicotine base supplier that manufacturers using cGMP or Current Good Manufacturing Practices ensures the process meets the latest in technology and systems. This offers exceptional quality control for the nicotine base while also meeting USP and EP quality standards. The manufacturer should also list all regulatory standards met by their product.

Verify the internal testing methods used by the manufacturer to ensure nicotine purity and compliance with all standards and regulatory requirements.

Competitive Pricing

The best suppliers strive to offer their customers competitive pricing. Working with a single nicotine base manufacturer helps your business to capitalise on the working relationship with potential new formulations as well as with your current order needs.