How to Detangle Your Curly Hair with a Brush

If you’re blessed with waves, curls or coils, you know that knots and tangles are a constant struggle to maintain. Although it is a common misconception that curly hair should never be brushed, a curly hairbrush is one of the easiest and most effective ways to detangle textured hair. Here’s how to brush your curls without compromising your style.

Wet Your Hair

The secret to brushing curls is to never brush them dry. Wet your hair down thoroughly in the shower or with a spray bottle, then add lots of conditioner to prevent snags and damage.

Choose the Right Brush

A good curly hairbrush has flexible plastic bristles. Never use a boar bristle or soft nylon brush on curly hair. It’s also important to choose a brush that can be used wet because some brushes grow mold when water gets trapped underneath the bristles.

Work from Ends to Roots

Now that your hair is prepped and you have your brush in hand, start brushing from the ends and work your way up. Because hair tends to be more tangled toward the ends, brushing from the root can cause damage when your brush hits snags on the way down.

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