How to Keep Your Back Up Generator in Glenview in Top Condition

by | Nov 14, 2019 | Electronics and Electrical

Standby generators help keep life running smoothly for millions of people. If you’ve got one in your home, you’ll want to make sure it remains in tip-top condition and ready for a black-out. Fortunately, keeping it in shape is easy. Just follow the steps below, and your back up generator will do its job when the time comes.

Keep It Clean

Since back up generators Glenview is outside of your home, it might start attracting natural debris, such as sticks and leaves. Be sure to regularly inspect your unit to make sure it is entirely free and clear of any objects, natural or humanmade. If the generator is an enclosed unit, then check for rodents and other pests.

Get on a Maintenance Plan

The best kind of maintenance for your standby generator is professional maintenance. Professionals have the eye of experience and can help prevent costly generator problems from developing. In between the professional maintenance times, there are a few things you can do for your generator that will help it live a long life.

Check the Oil

While off, check your generator’s oil level. Be sure to keep it at the manufacturer’s recommended level at all times. If you have to keep adding oil, then you most likely have a leak and should call for professional service. Oil leaks even, even small ones, can eventually develop into costly problems.

Check the Air Filter

Depending on the frequency of your professional maintenance, you might need to inspect and change your air filter. If your unit gets a lot of use, then take a look at its filter twice each year, unless you have professional maintenance visits more than that. Generally speaking, air filters in standby generators should be changed annually.

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