How Your Large Operation Can Benefit From Rotary Filling Equipment

Time is a precious commodity when it comes to getting orders ready to ship. Operations that require filling containers of all types utilize specialized equipment. Standard inline filling equipment is not conducive to the most efficient order completion. Larger operations that are dealing with heavy orders need a faster way to complete the job. Rotary filling equipment is a solution that works. Here are three reasons why.

Faster and More Accurate Filling

Inline filling machines work great for operations that aren’t trying to hit high numbers or meet tough order deadlines. A rotary filling machine can do an accurate filling job much faster, which means you’ll meet your quotas with time to spare. You’ll immediately realize a return on your investment by the sheer increase in volume you complete in the same allotted time of your standard inline filling process. More money in your pocket and satisfied customers are the ultimate results.

Safety Guards and Electrical Interlocks

An industrial setting is a prime area where inadvertent injuries can occur when working around equipment that stays in nearly constant motion. Fingers and clothing can get caught up in the machinery and cause serious injury. Quality rotary filling equipment is designed with employee safety in mind and has built-in guards to protect workers from injury. Electrical hazards are also avoided by incorporating electrical interlocks.

Adjustable Speeds and Touchscreen Control

You can set your rotary filling machine to the speed that suits your production needs with an adjustable speed control system. Kick it up a notch for busy days and reduce filling speed during times of slower demand. You have complete flexibility and control of your production line. Touchscreen controls that offer excellent visibility and ease of adjusting your filling make your process simpler and comfortable. You can train almost any employee how to operate the equipment, which can ease the strain on your management team.

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