Kiran Nagindas Vora Making a Difference Through APNI SHALA

It is important for everyone in India to have a quality education. Unfortunately, not all are privileged enough to receive the best instruction. Not long ago, a Rotarian Club with help from people like philanthropist Kiran Vora and a project called APNI SHALA made a difference. The program helped the underprivileged young people receive the kind of education which allows them to compete with convent education children.


The goal of APNI SHALA is to provide social and emotional training to help them coexist with others in a harmonious society. Children benefit from social learning through experimental and fun school programs. Their quality education includes powerful learning tools and media like:

  • Films
  • Games
  • Art
  • Drama

Helping Others to Coexist

APNI SHALA programs let children share knowledge in a social environment which is conducive to learning. By using a variety of learning programs, they promote diversity and acceptance of everyone in society. These ideas and learning tools can be established in an action lab in a model school.

The Impact a Quality Education Makes

APNI SHALA monitors the impact of social and emotional training by special testing programs which assess skills. Some children can engage in self-assessment testing. Open discussions also help to monitor the effect of APNI SHALA on children.


Each year, APNI SHALA reaches more and more children with important social education training. Starting with just a few students in 2003, they now reach thousands with the help of philanthropists like Kiran Vora and Rotarian efforts.

They Need Your Help

If you do not have money to donate, you can donate some of your time to APNI SHALA and the children. Everyone has something of value they can share with others. Do you have special skills like website development, finance, or writing? These valuable skills can serve your community.