Learning How to Shore Dive in Maui

If you’ve experienced Maui scuba diving but have never tried shore diving, you are missing out. You can enjoy exploring the underwater world without the need for a boat. There are many great locations in Maui to try this type of diving, but it is important to understand how the process differs from a boat dive. In this article, we’ll discuss how to safely enter the water during a shore dive.

Step #1: Get Your Gear On

When you are approaching the area where you plan to get into the water, go ahead and put on all of your gear except for your fins. You should be sure all your gear is clipped close, so nothing smacks you while in the surf. It can be difficult to get geared up without getting sand everywhere, but you and a friend can help each other. You can even suit up in your vehicle if you prefer.

Step #2: Watch the Waves

Don’t just hop in the water without taking some time to watch the surf. You’ll see a large set of waves that is followed by smaller ones. If you notice the time between waves is short, the waters are going to be faster and harder hitting. You should also determine an entry point, exit point, and look for any rocks in the area. Before you step foot in the water, determine whether the surf is safe or whether you should wait for another time.

Step #3: Get In

Before you get in, find a marker or landmark to use to remember how to get back when your dive is over. Get in the water and put on your fins and wait for the big waves to decline before moving forward. Get your regulator in with the mouthpiece clamped in your teeth. You’ll want to walk backward and look over your shoulder.

Step #4: Into the Waves

When there’s a good wave, hold your mask, spread your legs, and lower your center of gravity into the wave. It’s often best to walk out as far as possible and then swim under the waves. If you see large waves on rocks, you should find a different area to enter the water where it’s safer.

From that point, you want to check your gear and go from there. If you aren’t quite ready for your shore dive, you can learn all about Maui scuba diving from In 2 Scuba Diving Maui Dive Co. You can visit our website at www.In2ScubaDivingMaui.com.

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