Qualities To Look For When Purchasing Floor Bunding

by | Jan 17, 2017 | Environmental Consultant

Floor bunding is often sought after by businesses looking to increase safety measures surrounding the storage of unsafe chemicals. Bunding will provide a raised area for this storage, giving the business owner the option of storing chemical drums on these raised platforms or investing in an additional safety wall. This type of safety precaution can often make a huge difference in worksite safety and is mandated by law across several industries. These are qualities to look for when purchasing floor bunding, to help you find the right type for your use.

#1: Resilient

New or improved safety measures can often be substantial investments, especially for small business owners. Ensuring that the material you purchase is resilient is the best way to make your investment last. Safety equipment that will be subject to heavy traffic needs to be strong, and resistant to cracking, peeling, and other forms of damage. Due to the primary purpose of this type of safety equipment, it is likely to receive tough treatment over the years. The best way to make sure your purchase will last is to prioritise resilience over other features.

#2: Installation

If your bunding is going to function correctly, it needs to be installed properly. This may mean hiring a professional, or it could mean purchasing an installation kit from the same vendor. Those who are uncertain about safe installation or ongoing operation should ask their retailer detailed questions about the product, and follow their sales associate’s advice about the best type of installation. Installation kits are usually a wise investment, as they can help you learn how to install this safety product with ease, helping you out in the future should expansion occur.

#3: Reliable Supplier

If you are new to the safety industry, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of choice available for business owners. Purchasing your safety equipment for a reputable, reliable vendor is the only way you can be sure to receive expert advice. Contact Ecospill or browse for range of products online.

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