Taking the Hassle out of Behavioral Electronic Medical Recordkeeping

If you run or manage a health clinic, especially one that specializes in behavioral health, then you know the problems of dealing with EHR and medical revenue cycle management. It’s the software that you cannot function without, but often, your platform and system is hard to work with and full of bizarre quirks or workarounds. It’s no longer an option to run a clinic that doesn’t rely heavily on this kind of software, especially if you bill CMS.

But there are so many different solutions and the one you have never seems to be quite right. Whether it’s missing some useful features, not tailored to the needs of your clinic, or just plain hard to use, bad software eats up valuable time in training and temporary fixes. This often leads to problems keeping records, workers switching over to tracking things on paper or by word of mouth, and other bad outcomes, and it becomes a drain on the whole facility when you just want to get to work treating clients and patients.

What you really need is a system that is specifically built for behavioral health and addiction treatment. That way you have exactly the kind of tracking, note-taking, patient care management, and financial plugins that you need. Behavioral health is its own world, and off-the-shelf systems from the big vendors often aren’t a good fit for your needs. Do yourself a favor and explore medical revenue cycle management and EHR software that works for you instead of the other way around. Please visit www.azzly.com to see just how a customized solution can help you.