The Long-Term Rewards Of Epoxy Garage Flooring For Boston, MA Homeowners

In many Boston, MA homes, the garage is much more than a place to park the car and the truck. It is a place to work, spend time, do hobbies, and and maintain or repair cars.

Creating a great look in a garage starts with having the right flooring. Choosing professionally installed epoxy garage flooring in Boston, MA provides both short and long-term benefits for any homeowner.

Limited Maintenance Requirements

It may be hard to believe that a professionally installed epoxy floor can look like granite, quartz or terrazzo stone and have minimal maintenance requirements. However, professionally installed epoxy garage flooring can offer just that option.

Typical maintenance includes sweeping the floor regularly so that it’s free from dirt and debris to prevent issues with damage to the surface. This can even be done with a leaf blower.

Washing can be done with a mop and pH neutral cleaner or it can be washed with a hose or pressure washer. Immediately wiping up spills prevents any staining or damage to the surface. Spot cleaning is easy, just a bit of pH neutral cleaner in water is all that is required.


A long life and durability go hand in hand with professionally installed epoxy garage flooring. Professional services extend a lifetime satisfaction guarantee on the flooring, providing homeowners with full confidence to invest in this flooring option.

With UV stabilizers and special additives, this type of flooring never yellows or discolors, allowing the homeowner to choose the color and the design of the flooring that suits their preferences. Anti-slip surfaces also make it safe, which is another feature that homeowners appreciate.