The Top Reasons for Using Carbide Burs

by | Feb 13, 2019 | Dental Supply Store

There are a lot of different burs used in dentistry for a wide range of reasons. But it should be no surprise to anyone that carbide sees the most action. For the most part, you will see them used in shaping fillings and getting rid of excess material. Some of the most common bur types include diamond and zirconia, both of which are very popular.

The alternative to these two, however, is something known as carbide. Dental Carbide burs are the most common in dental, and they are used for removing both material and tooth structure. There are plenty of benefits to using this type of material over the others on the market which will be covered next.

Benefits of Carbide Burs in Dental Work

Carbide burs are used for the removal of material on the tooth as well as tooth structure, and they have more benefits than diamond or zirconium. Perhaps the most noteworthy advantage is the fact that they leave a much smoother surface than the others, making them perfect for the more aesthetically pleasing dental work.

A Longer Lasting Solution

Carbide burs last longer than many of the other burs that you see in the industry. They can be sharpened and reused sometimes, and most burs will have a coating to increase their life span.

These burs can have many different highly specialized applications, making them a must-have for any dentist’s office. As with the other burs, there are different models, some that are built to last through several uses and some that can be disposed of after a few applications.

Choose the Right Quality

One thing that manufacturers really want you to know about carbide burs is that they are not all equal. There are some that are of better quality than others, for example, those that use tungsten as their primary material are longer lasting and have less chance of breaking apart.

When you are working in the dental field and most importantly, when you are running your own practice, you do want to make sure that you are using materials that guarantee patient safety which means going for the more expensive but higher quality pieces.

Carbide is one of the best choices that you can make for your patients – don’t hold off on it!

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