Three Considerations for Making Wire Installation Jobs Less Tricky

Wire installation in Chicago, IL, seems easy on the surface. After all, this is simply getting a stiff wire from one location to another. However, there can be some trickiness in any installation. Before tackling a wiring job, it is best to have the right equipment. Here are some reasons why.

Tough Spaces Happen to Everyone

Just about anyone who has threaded a wire into a hole has encountered a tough space. The wire that is supposed to bend refuses to. The wire that is supposed to stay relatively straight instead takes a detour in the wrong direction. Simple wire pulling tools are the best way around this issue.

Fishing for Wires is No Cause to Quit

Fishing around for a wire is one of those thankless tasks. Even attempting to perform the work with improvised clamps, clips, or loops is no help. It seems impossible. However, just like how wire pulling tools can make tough spaces easier to handle, so can wire fishing tools. Rodders and fish stix are a great addition to any wire installer’s toolkit. They make the job of fishing wires relatively straightforward.

Don’t Break Your Back Bending PVC Conduits

Bending pipe is more of an art than a science. Getting PVC to move the way you want can be the next best thing to a full-body workout. However, you do not have to break a sweat manhandling pipe. Instead, use a simple pipe bender. Several benders include easy-to-read symbols, allowing you ease with benchmarking.

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