Two Ways Businesses in Bowling Green Can Prevent Fire in The Workplace

As a business owner works to grow their business, they may look forward to what will come in the future. At no point in their vision would they possibly imagine everything burned down to the ground. Yet, that is a real possibility if they don’t make the right decisions to protect their property. Here are two ways that businesses can prevent fire in the workplace.

Put smokers further back

Although most offices prohibit smoking in the workplace, many still allow employees to smoke in areas near the office. Instead, they should assign a safe space located a good distance from the building. Also, they should make sure that smokers have the proper receptacles to use so that cigarette butts do not become a fire hazard. A company that can install a commercial fire alarm system in Bowling Green, KY, will give further details on how to protect the entire premises from any outdoor flames.

Initiating Devices

Throughout your entire facility it is important that your building is up to the proper code provide by the NFPA 72. Many old buildings have outdated equipment or improper coverage of smoke detectors, heat detectors, pull stations, horn strobes, and strobe only throughout their building. The best way business owners can keep their employees safe would be to install a commercial fire alarm system in Bowling Green, KY.

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