Warehouse Efficiency: Pick and Pack

by | Apr 5, 2019 | Material Handling Equipment Supplier

Optimizing a warehouse for maximum picking efficiency takes some technology, some hardware, and some know-how. Here are six ways to make the warehouse more efficient and manageable.

  1. Start barcoding early. Barcoding with a warehouse management system allows the business to operate smoothly by breaking down inventory to the SKU level. The more data you have on what you’re selling, the more you can trim your stock to suit seasonal buying patterns. Keep your barcodes from being damaged with Frazier’s Label Beam®. The Label Beam®’s recessed web protects labels and bolts from damage.
  2. Inventory that is done annually or quarterly does not give you an accurate picture of warehouse stock. Cycle counting means counting some inventory each day, with adjustments being made to accounting records to reflect any errors in the count. This allows a complete and ongoing inventory.
  3. Stack efficiently. Warehouse racking makes use of space in the most efficient manner. Vertical space is critical to warehouse organization, adding storage capacity without requiring additional square footage. Warehouse racking is anchored to the floor, and often to the structure of the building making for strong loadbearing capacity.
  4. Safe picking. Setting up picking zones for forklift, truck, or card only keeps people out of the way of moving heavy equipment. By setting up manual-pick only aisles, it keeps pickers safe and allows for faster picking when all the smaller goods are concentrated in that aisle. From SelecDeck Case Flow® to the Ergo Series®, Frazier has the right picking solution for your needs.
  5. Place frequently ordered products closer to the packing area. This makes for a shorter trip and a faster fill.
  6. Improve your lighting. Pickers need to clearly see the merchandise, the barcode, and other information that allows them to pick each line accurately.

Order picking can be one of the most time-consuming functions in a warehouse. By organizing each aisle for pallet, case, and unit picking, the time between orders being placed and orders being shipped is minimized. To find the appropriate picking solution for your application, contact Frazier today at frazier@frazier.com or (800) 859-1342, Option #8.

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