Why Install a Radon Mitigation System?

by | Dec 5, 2016 | Business

Radon gas naturally occurs in all parts of North America and can enter any home or building and build up to dangerous levels over time. But since it is invisible and odorless, it has gone undetected for many years. It is now possible to install systems in the home which can monitor radon levels, reduce the amount of radon entering a building, and indicate when you should call a specialist company to remove the dangerous radon from your home. Here are a few good reasons to install a mitigation system in your home:

1. Health and Safety

Small amounts of radon aren’t dangerous, but collectively, they can contribute to cancer. Over 20,000 deaths each year in the USA alone are linked to radon radiation. It is the second highest cause of lung cancer after smoking.

2. Get Your Home Ready

At the moment there aren’t many regulations for radon monitoring in private homes. However, with more and more attention being brought to this ‘silent killer’, it is likely this could occur in the future. Getting a mitigation system installation now will prepare your home for the future, particularly if you ever plan to sell it.

3. Regular Testing

There aren’t any visible symptoms of excessive radon, so the only way to detect it is through performing a test. A mitigation system installation will allow you to monitor the radon levels in your home continuously. You will always be prepared for when the levels climb too high, and you can call a mitigation service in good time. Some home tests aren’t as accurate or take a long time for results to be returned, but home systems provide much more accurate long-term readings immediately.

An investment in a mitigation system will not only keep your home safe and prevent potentially fatal health conditions, but it will also provide long term value for your home as well.

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