Window Cleaning Supplies Used by Professionals

Cleaning windows may look easy, but it is not. However, tough a job it may be, it is a job that has to be done. There is more to it than just having clean windows. Cleaning is also an important part of maintaining the glass. Although window cleaning is not easy, it is a job that can be made easier if you have the right tools and supplies. Using the right tools and supplies also gives better results. To ensure streak-free results, professionals use quality window cleaning supplies and tools.

The supplies used by the DIY homeowner usually consist of little more than a bottle of commercial window cleaner, an old rag, and paper towelling. Certainly, you can get the job done with these basic supplies, but you will never see a professional using them. Professionals need to do an excellent job, and they have to do it as quickly as possible. Rather than an old rag, professionals use a cleaning mop. It is essentially a “T” bar and a sleeve. For higher windows, the cleaning mop is fastened to an extension pole. Some extension poles are as long as 25 meters. Amongst the most important window cleaning supplies used by professionals is their cleaning wand and squeegee.

World Wide Window Cleaning Supplies have everything that any professional window washer or window washing company needs in order to do a perfect job and do it quickly. One tool that homeowners do not have available to them is a water-fed pole and water treatment package. These complete systems include an extendable carbon fibre pole, a professional-quality brush, hose, TDS meter, and angle adapter. All the professionals have to do upon reaching the clients home or place of business is connect it to a water supply. There is no need for pumps or electric power. To ensure the best results, use the best professional-grade window cleaning supplies.