Your Guide to Buying a New Puppy

If you are in the market for a new puppy, you may have noticed that many puppies for sale run in excess of $1,000. The high demand for a new lovable companion is forcing many breeders and pet retailers to raise prices – especially for popular breeds.

Here are a few tips for finding a puppy for sale that won’t break the bank, but that will still meet all of your family’s qualifications for the perfect pet:

Don’t Buy from a Big Box Pet Retailer

When most people think of buying a new dog, cat, or other pet, they think of major retailers like PetCo PetSmart, or Petland. These retailers are a fine place to buy pet supplies, but finding your perfect pet is best done elsewhere.

That is because big-box pet retailers often have very lax standards for the health of the animals they sell. They may charge extra for health safeguards like vaccination and deworming. They may also fail to do any kind of background check on the breeders from which they source their animals.

If you want to find a puppy or other pet that is worth your money, don’t spend it with one of these major retailers.

Choose a Smaller Breeder Instead

There are a lot of other ways to purchase a puppy that are more reputable than big-box retailers. One of the best ways to do so is to work with a smaller or family-owned dog breeder.

A breeder offers two major advantages over other options. Unlike a larger retailer, they have the knowledge of every animal – including its health and background – to offer extensive insight into your potential new family member. They also offer many of their services as part of a package deal, so you won’t end up paying more for what you need.

The other major advantage you will find with breeders over a person who is simply giving away or selling their own dog’s puppies is that breeders have experience and access to professional tools to ensure the health and wellbeing of their animals.

When you want professional care and quality without the massive price tag, check out Puppy Connector to find the puppy of your dreams!