The Advantages Of Hiring A Confined Space Rescue Crew

by | Apr 26, 2017 | Industrial Goods and Services

A confined space rescue crew, CSRC, is part of the technical rescues operation that involves saving and recovering individuals trapped in various enclosed spaces. These missions are highly challenging because of the environment, and each situation will be different. There are limited entry and exit points and aren’t usually intended to be occupied by humans for long. In most cases, there is only enough room for one or two people to get inside.

Hazards Of These Spaces

There are many challenges that these teams will deal with, including poor air quality, various temperatures, shifting rock/material, and barrier failure. Fires and biological hazards can also be a concern. Many times, there isn’t enough oxygen, which means the person going down will require breathable air.

Where These Crews Should Be Utilized

While many people rarely think of a confined space rescue crew, they should be employed at construction sites, chemical units, oil rigs, mines, manufacturing plants, and much more. Whenever you require people to work in an enclosed area with little room or other complications, you should hire a team to help.

Techniques Used

There are three primary techniques available, including rope, trench, and high-angle rescues. Therefore, you are likely to have at least three people on the team, each one specially trained for that particular technique. You may also have supervisors, consultants, and other essential people on the team, as well. It is usually mandated that you hire a CSRC whenever anyone in your employ has to enter an enclosed area, which means you should find a team that you can work with and choose them each time.

A confined space rescue crew will use a variety of techniques to save someone in an enclosed area. Visit Code Red Safety to learn more and find out how to hire a team.

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