Top Tips On Dryer Vent Cleaning in Hartford CT

The clothes dryer is a modern convenience that is probably taken for granted. They are generally reliable and have been around forever. However, when one stops drying properly, it can seem like the end of the world. Now, the clothes are clean, but they are wet and unwearable. One of the main reasons behind a dryer not drying is the vent being dirty and in need of cleaning. Here are some top tips on Dryer Vent Cleaning in Hartford CT.

* Always clean the lint trap in the dryer after each use. Many people are surprised at the amount of lint that can be left over after drying their clothes or other items such as blankets. A clogged lint trap is a sure way to reduce the efficiency of the dryer, not to mention the fact it can pose a fire hazard in the home.

* Pull the dryer out so that it is not butted up against the wall. This ensures proper ventilation for the appliance.

* The vent duct hose should be checked when Dryer Vent Cleaning in Hartford CT. This should be done periodically so the lint does not build up in the hose.

* To maximize cleaning, use a wet/dry shop vacuum with a wand extension to insert in the hose. This can go a long way to cleaning out as much of the lint as possible.

* Inspect the vent cap on the outside of the house. Amazingly enough, birds are known to build nests around these areas, which can result in blockage.

* Make sure there is a backdraft damper on the exhaust vent. This simple but important addition ensures the outside air cannot make its way back into the home.

* If the hose leading from the dryer is made from flexible foil, replace it immediately with a metal one. The foil can easily become overheated and cause a house fire.

If these tips sound too complicated or if the homeowner just wants a professional to do the work instead, be sure to contact a reputable company such as website name. They can aid the homeowner in getting the vents as clean as they can be.

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