A few good tips for hiring a cleaning service

If your home is like the greatest majority of homes in the US then you have to juggle work, your family plus many more priority issues. With all of these pressures this can make housecleaning something that you would rather avoid. There are numerous cleaning services in NYC that are ready, willing and able to take this tiresome and yet necessary chore off your hands. Because of the large number of services, finding the right one can appear at first to be somewhat difficult but when you employ a few common sense steps, picking the best company becomes far easier.

1. The interviewing process: If you are focused on individuals needless to say you have to feel comfortable with them. The majority of homeowners prefer to deal with agencies; if this is your approach you will want to know if it will be the same person every time or whether the company rotates its staff. You need to make sure that the person or the agency are licensed, insured and bonded.

2. Pricing: Make sure there are no hidden charges if you are concentrating on hiring from a company that offers cleaning services in NYC. If you are considering an individual, make sure that you are not seen as having hired that person as an employee, there are tax implications that you must be aware of should you hire an individual, this is never an issue when the cleaner is employed by the service company.

3. Do you want to be home? When you deal with an agency you will usually be given a time frame for the arrival of the cleaning personnel but let’s be realistic, only the first client will really get on-time arrival. You have to decide if you need to block out a period of time when you have to be home or whether you feel comfortable in giving the service your house key.

4. The scope: It is up to you to define exactly what it is you want; you must define the frequency of service and the areas within the home that you want cleaned. There may be certain areas or rooms in the house that are off-limits, on the other hand there may be certain areas that you want the cleaners to focus on. Are windows included, are they to do the laundry or are they to focus on standard cleaning services such as dusting, mopping and vacuuming? Once you have decided what it is you want it is much easier to pare down the candidates as there are often companies that don’t offer the services that you want.

To make the task efficient don’t bother trying to clean up before the service shows up but do try to pick up and store as much as you can. Cleaning people are paid to clean and they can do their job quickly if the majority of the surfaces are free from clutter.