Buying a Cover Crop Seeder: Handy Tips and Advice

by | Mar 8, 2018 | Agriculture and Forestry

Cover crops come to a lot of benefits. These help build and improve the quality of your soil, manage soil erosion and suppress the growth of weeds. Also, these crops control pests and diseases all while improving the biodiversity of the land, says The SARE. With so many benefits, here are useful ways to improve your cover crop planting:

Use a good seeder

The right tools make life easier, and that’s certainly true when you own a Valmar Cover Crop seeder. You can use this to ensure a good yield for your farm. If you want positive changes in your bottom line, then invest in the right seeder.

Don’t focus on cost

While cost is a factor when you shop around for a seeder, it’s not the only important consideration on the list. Do your best to balance cost with quality. High-quality machines can provide you with better results. Plus, those machines typically last longer, giving you far better value for your money than cheap options.

Check out the features

One of the best things about going for a Valmar Cover Crop seeder is the slew of features it comes with. Users can operate and record the machine with many different displays or monitors. While the seeder is designed as a bulk bin that comes with a set of rollers as well as a fan that blows the seeds right through the tubes, it’s much more compact than other options on the market. The bins, too, are universal and can be mounted to anything, which is convenient.

Save on cost

If you want significant long-term cost-savings, then getting the best equipment—like the Valmar seeder—is a must. You don’t just get to enjoy better yields and ROI. You get to save on a lot as well.

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