Top Reasons for Choosing LED Signage for Outdoor Applications

by | Mar 8, 2018 | Business

Interested in outdoor LED signs for your events or commercial property? Here’s a quick list of reasons why LED are the best source of light for delivering messages to your customers:

Led Light is Brighter

The visibility and readability of your signage is important to your business or message. A sign isn’t worth much if it can’t be seen by your target audience. If you need people to see your sign from the road as they drive by, you need bright, bold images and text messages. For that, you need LED light. Visible during the day and at night, LED lights are much brighter than fluorescent lit signs. LED signs can be seen from a great distance and are capable of cutting through nearly all atmospheric conditions. Make the right choice for your outdoor lighting and signage by utilizing LED technology.

It’s Longer-Lasting and Cost-Effective

One of the most widely-known facts about LED lighting is that it is more energy-efficient than traditional, incandescent light. Using far less energy – up to 75% less, in fact – than traditional lighting, LED saves your money by burning brighter, for longer and with far less strain on your utility costs. It’s the lighting option that saves you money for years to come.

Static Sign Backlighting

If you are planning on utilizing a traditional static backlit sign alongside your LED sign consider matching the length of your static sign to match the length of your chosen LED sign for a more uniform professional appearance. LED backlighting can be used in lieu of traditional fluorescent tubes to light your internally lighted static sign. This eliminates the need to replace unsightly failed fluorescent tubes periodically and will keep your sign evenly lit for years to come.

Easier to Use

LED signs are virtually maintenance free with an average useful life of around 13 years. LEDs are much less likely to need replacing than incandescent or fluorescent lights. LED bulbs can last for years or even decades making them some of the lowest-maintenance lighting options available for outdoor use!

Beautiful, Versatile – the List Goes On!

There are so many other reasons to consider a gorgeous, fully-customizable or animated outdoor LED sign for your venue. Whatever your reasoning, contact your Ad Systems today about getting a new outdoor LED sign this season. Everyone will be amazed by the beauty of your sign – and you’ll love the ongoing value and return on your investment!

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