When to Order Custom Aviation Parts

by | Jan 24, 2017 | Screws and Fasteners

Every trustworthy NAS hardware supplier can provide you with a huge range of different components and hardware for aviation, army, or navy usage. But there may still be situations where even the largest selection doesn’t provide exactly what you require and you need to have a piece custom ordered and manufactured instead. Here are some situations that may require made to order hardware or equipment and some tips to do so:

1. Classic Aircraft

When fixing up older aircraft or aircraft that are no longer on the production line, you will find it harder to find the right parts that are safety compliant. It is also much more expensive, according to the AOPA. Having them made specially made instead can save a lot of expense, meet strict safety standards, and prevent a lot of time and hassle in sourcing the right component.

2. Specialty Aircraft

A NAS aircraft supplier typically sells mass produced pieces for similarly mass produced aircraft. But in some cases, you may need to make an aircraft or a machine which doesn’t fit the mold or has a specialty use. If none of the components on the market fit this specialty machine, you may need some made especially for you instead.

3. Unusual Machines

Forbes says that designs of new machines and aircraft are not always ‘make-able’. By consulting with a specialty parts manufacturer before you start building, you can check if your machine is ‘make-able’ and if they can produce the pieces you need to finish it. This will prevent you from being caught out and left stuck in the middle of the building process.

If you do find yourself in need of a custom made piece of equipment or hardware, use a trusted manufacturer or supplier to ensure it is made to fit safety and quality standards.

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