What Helps Make Long Island Wines Stand Out

by | Jan 23, 2017 | Wines Store

Long Island is well-known for many things, but it is also a place that is full of surprises. People from elsewhere, for instance, often fail to recognize the diversity of agriculture and related activities that take place all over the island. Long Island Wines, for instance, regularly rank as some of the best the country turns out despite many people not even thinking of the area as one that produces much wine. As a look through the inventory at Townecellarswines.com will highlight, though, Long Island has as much to be proud of in this respect as in so many others.

The very first vineyard on Long Island was founded over forty years ago, and many have followed since. With a distinctive climate and terroir to contribute to the process, Long Island has turned out to be a place especially well suited to wine making. In fact, it resembles in a number of important respects certain regions elsewhere in the world that are widely regarded as some of the most productive and fitting of all.

One important factor that helps Long Island Wines stand out is the soil typical of the region. Originally deposited many thousands of years ago as glaciers receded from the area, the soil is both rich in key nutrients and well suited to producing grapes of deep character and intensity. Compared to other kinds of agriculture, grapes grown for use in making wine often benefit from slightly challenging conditions, as this helps round out and develop their characteristic flavors. The glacial soil that is found all over Long Island, it turns out, is ideally suited to this kind of development.

Another important feature of the area helps produce an analogous kind of effect. The relatively cool growing-season climate of Long Island prevents grapes from becoming excessively sugary or one-dimensional, with the colder nights, in particular, provoking them to become more complex. As a result, wines produced from grapes grown on Long Island tend to be relatively low in alcohol while also having a depth of flavor and character that exceed those typical of many other regions. With so much to offer to winemakers and those who love the beverage, Long Island is a place whose potential is only beginning to be tapped. You can also connect them on Facebook for more updates.

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