How to Save on Commercial Auto Insurance in San Jose

by | May 5, 2016 | Insurance

Whether one owns a company car, or their employees use personal vehicles for business purposes, commercial auto coverage is necessary to protect a company’s assets. Commercial Auto Insurance in San Jose can protect company vehicles from damage and lawsuits. Auto insurance is a substantial expense, and it’s important for companies to have the right coverage. Below are some tips for business owners to find every possible discount on auto insurance.

  • Check employees’ driving records. As a business owner, one has the right to request driving records for employees who will use company vehicles in the course of employment. Insurance premiums depend in part on those employees’ records, and the safer they are behind the wheel, the less the premium will be.
  • Require safe driving. The fewer claims are made on a policy, the less it will cost, and one way to cut the risk of accidents is to model and enforce safe driving behaviors. Allow sufficient time between tasks for company drivers to arrive safe and sound, as tight schedules encourage speeding and other risky behaviors.
  • Consider making commercial licensing mandatory. If driving is an integral part of the job, hiring drivers with CDLs may reduce insurance premiums. Insurers often regard these drivers as more skilled, lowering their likelihood of being involved in accidents.
  • Call an independent agency. Premiums may vary substantially from one insurance company to the next. An independent insurer has the skill needed to find the best coverage and rates for corporate customers.
    Bundle coverage. Using one company for auto insurance, business coverage and worker’s comp can offer significant policy discounts.
  • Ask for discounts. Some insurers offer discounts for paying in full or setting up EFT. Go over payment options to determine which one suits the business.
  • Go for a high deductible. The higher a policy’s deductible is, the lower the monthly bill will be. However, business owners should have enough cash on hand to pay the deductible should that become necessary.
  • Customize the policy. Business owners should work closely with their agent to describe how company vehicles are used. The agent can help customers determine which types of coverage are necessary, and which are not.

When one owns a commercial vehicle, they should see it as an investment in the company. By visiting us website to buy Commercial Auto Insurance in San Jose, business owners can protect their investment while shielding their business and their bottom line.

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