Benefits of Cooking with an Outdoor Wood Fired Oven

When you bite into bread, pizza, cooked meat or anything prepared with a wood fire, it is a special treat. There is something different about the appearance, aroma and taste. However, it’s much easier to pop something into the microwave or defrost a frozen meal or pizza. Yet, it’s not the same thing as freshly cooked food without using gas or electricity. Let’s explore some of the many benefits an outdoor wood fired oven has to offer.

Smoky Flavor

You can get a smoked flavor from charcoal or liquid smoke products. However, artificial smoke can be harsh and charcoal is not the same as using mesquite, hickory, apple or cherry wood. If you like smoked tasting foods, wood is the best option.

High Heat

Many foods need very high heat to cook and this is not possible with typical cooking appliances in the home. Your outdoor wood fired oven will get much hotter than your indoor oven and this is the best way to crisp, brown and cook foods like pizza.


Wood is the most natural way to cook. Gas or propane can create unpleasant odors and there is always the risk of explosion. Electricity uses a lot of energy and this can put a dent in your electric bill. With wood, you have a time tested energy source which is thousands of years old.

Myths Exposed

Some believe it takes much longer to cook using a wood. The truth is, modern ovens are very efficient and because they can get extremely hot, cooking time is drastically reduced.

In the past, it required a lot of wood to cook an entire meal. However, this is not true today. Due to the highly efficient design, today’s outdoor wood fired oven uses far less than standard wood cooking methods and they are very easy to operate.