How to Buy Heating Oil in Mystic, CT

by | Oct 6, 2016 | Oil and Gas

Mystic is a small village along the coast of Connecticut. With a population of just around 4,000 people, many of the residents in Mystic have to rely on oil to warm their homes. Most houses aren’t connected to the natural gas grid, and these homes use heating oil boilers to keep their interiors warm. This kind of oil is generally less viscous than conventional oil, and is a byproduct released during crude oil processing. It burns for a longer period of time than ordinary oil. Most houses in Mystic also have specialized storage tanks where you can keep the oil for later use. If you are looking to buy oil for use at home, here is a brief guide that’ll help you find the best prices and the best quality.

Find a Local Distributor

The first step is to find a local distributor that can supply heating oil in Mystic, CT. There are several companies that offer oil delivery throughout the small village. You can place an order directly through their website, or call on the provided number. Ordering online is a much better option, since you can use the online calculator to check the prices and determine the total costs from the comfort of your own home. The oil is supplied in a specialized tanker.

Check the Prices

Before placing the order, it’s best to compare the prices of heating oil from different suppliers. Many companies offer promotional discounts in an effort to get more customers, which is something that you can take advantage of. The prices of oil generally fluctuate throughout the year. They are influenced by the international trade prices of crude oil, as well as the exchange rates of currency. You can easily compare the rates for different types of oil online and order from the company that offers the cheapest quote. The oil will be delivered within a day or two. If your order is above a minimum threshold, the company might also give you free delivery.

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