Complete Service: Heating Oil in Mystic, CT

by | Nov 7, 2017 | Oil and Gas

There are many reasons why you should be using oil as your source of heat during the cold months of the year. Perhaps the most important reason for most people has to do with cost. Annual costs are consistently lower than natural gas or electricity, with one study showing cost efficiency more than 15% better than natural gas.

Safe, Efficient

Two factors that you should keep in mind when considering which fuel to use for heating your home or business are: Heating oil is not explosive and ignites safely in a system properly installed and well maintained. In addition, users of this fuel find that the heating efficiency is in the 90% range or higher. You get comforting heat and hot water from almost every penny that you spend on fuel.

Visit  to learn why oil is a great choice for heating because it burns much hotter than natural gas. Not only does your home feel more comfortable but it will warm up more quickly than when you use other sources. After you’ve browsed the website, call and talk to a representative about how you can save up to 10% when using this fuel.

Oil Delivery, Service Plans

As you search for the right source for heating oil in Mystic, CT, consider working with a trusted supplier offering service plans for even better value. You can arrange for annual cleaning of your heating system, thorough inspections, efficiency tests, parts protection, repair, and replacement. You can even arrange for your oil to be delivered automatically so you’ll never have to worry about running out.

You may want to discuss such special heating oil services as system efficiency tests and service for oil-fired water heaters or add the The TankSure® Program for a $1,000 replacement warranty, tank inspection certificate, scientific analysis and monitoring, and ultrasonic inspection services. Call today to discuss residential or commercial oil service.

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