Why Commit to Long Term When You Can Have a Short Term Office Rental in NYC?

by | Oct 6, 2016 | businesseclipse

Short term office rental in NYC is the option that can be the perfect option for your situation. There are quite a few times when what you need is flexible options, not long term commitment on ridiculously high dollar rentals. There is no denying that office space in Manhattan is always at a premium. Small business owners or people that spend the majority of their time traveling for business run into several obstacles when it comes to finding a space in the city that is affordable:

  • Agents want to lock you into long term, expensive leasing contracts
  • Finding a space that suits your needs is very difficult
  • In many cases the space will just go left unused a big chunk of the time

Being locked into a long term expensive leasing contract can be very risky for a small business. if you find that the space does not work for your business and you are stuck in a rental contract you will be throwing good money after bad and really be stressed over the situation.

Of course finding the perfect space is always a challenge in the city. You will find the right space and it will be in the wrong location. You will find the right location and nothing but the wrong spaces. It is a challenge that you can largely avoid by choosing a short term option that you can use on demand instead of being tied to forever.

Instead of getting “stuck” and regretting it a short term option can bridge the gap nicely until you are more positive about what you need as a permanent solution or until you have a steadier cash flow that you can depend on. Short term is the solution and Sage Workspace NYC has the perfect options.

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