Safety Precautions for Operators of Grain Bins in Oregon

by | Mar 4, 2016 | Construction and Maintenance

Grain Bins in Oregon are an essential part of grain processing. These structures serve to keep grain safe from rodents, improper temperatures, and ruin. Unfortunately, these facilities can also pose a serious threat to operators if necessary precautions are not taken. To prevent a serious injury or even death, use the following safeguards. These safety precautions should be coordinated with all state and federal laws.

It’s preferable to not enter grain bins in Oregon area unless it’s necessary. When this need arises, all operators and observers should be familiar with emergency evacuation procedures. These steps should be practiced ahead of time to maximize the chances of a safe exit. Routine drills will help personnel learn where corrections should be made in addition to the need for additional safety features.

Never enter a grain bin alone. Either work in conjunction with another operator or an observer. It’s favorable for every grain bin entry to have three individuals. Two people will be needed to extricate a distressed person from a grain bin. A grain bin operator should always wear a safety harness and use a lifeline. Know the features of the safety harness and how to wear it properly. Familiarize yourself with the exits. Use brightly colored signs to easily find the grain bin ladders.

Be aware of the respiratory problems that can occur from inhaling grain dust in a grain bin. This dust can cause serious health problems for some operators. Wearing a dust mask can reduce the risk of respiratory problems. It’s also important to understand the flammable property of grain dust. When this dust is mixed with oxygen, it can result in a fire or explosion. Avoid actions such as welding or grinding that can produce sparks. In addition, avoid walking on flowing grain. This movement can result in an operator being engulfed by grain in as little as 30 seconds.

Using these safety precautions will help operators avoid injuries or fatalities. It will also help personnel abide by state and federal mandates. For more information on grain bin safety, please talk to a professional at Leon James Construction Co., Inc. This company can handle grain storage including Grain Bins, drying bins, and smooth wall welded hopper bins.

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