The Electric Hand Dryer – Exciting and Electrifying!

by | Mar 6, 2018 | Construction and Maintenance


One of the most obvious advantages to using an electric hand dryer is the reduced impact on landfills. Paper towels have long been the traditional – and only – option, and they certainly convenient, but the past few years have seen a growing movement that considers them messy and harmful to the environment. To support this trend, consumers have been shifting towards a paperless path, and hand dryers can offer the perfect solution. When taking into account the ongoing cost of paper towels vs. the one-time purchase of a hand dryer, in the long run, it can be much cheaper to install a hand dryer.

Energy Efficient

When used in a high-traffic area or one that’s open to the general public, it’s important to choose the most suitable electric hand dryer. Energy-efficient models can be a great cost-saver in the long run, an important detail to any business owner who is focused on the bottom line. Durability and ease-of-use are also important details to keep in mind. With the advent of technological advances in the industry, many models are relatively problem-free and require little to no maintenance.

Multiple Price Points

When researching the most compatible model for your needs, you may be pleasantly surprised at the wide range of options available. Low-profile or slimline models can be a great solution when space is at a premium, as can the all-in-one models. In enclosed spaces, a model that offers a quieter motor may be the best option.

At the higher end of the price spectrum, models can include features such as “smart” controls or auto-start functions or maybe an internal thermostat for auto-off safety, perfect when used in places with small children. Some models also come equipped with HEPA filters or antimicrobial coating on outside surfaces. Added features may include adjustable motors, so you can change the noise level and duration of a drying cycle to suit your needs.

Beauty and Brains

For those who need a bit more style, it’s certainly possible to find an electric hand dryer with fully customizable features, perfect for high-end retailers and eateries. Trendy colors and finishes may include matte black or glossy stainless steel, or customers may opt for a personalized color scheme. Some units may even feature integrated lights that turn on when in use.

No matter space, you are sure to find a suitable dryer for your needs with relatively little effort. Manufacturers are more than willing to help you explore different models, and help you find the perfect model at the right price. Visit for more information.

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