The benefits of automatic hand dryers

by | Oct 10, 2017 | Construction and Maintenance

Automatic hand dryers for washroom use are by far the best way to provide public washroom users a way to dry their hands after washing.

There are many advantages to using electric hand dryers; even the most basic push-button operated types are energy efficient, prevent wanton vandalism and are cost effective as there is no need to continue buying, storing and disposing of thousands of soiled paper towels. There is no disputing the fact that hand dryers are more expensive than a typical paper towel dispenser but as there is no need to spend many hundreds of dollars every year on consumables; hand dryers pay for themselves very quickly and they continue to save the company money over the anticipated ten year life of a typical hand dryer.

Hygiene and the typical public washroom:

At one time people would shy away from using electric hand dryers because they were lead to believe they were less hygienic than paper towels. Reality is very different; automatic hand dryers for washroom use are not less hygienic, if anything they are more so. There is more to a hygienic environment than just drying hands. It is a well-known fact that bacteria thrive in damp places and nothing is damper than a used paper towel. It is certainly not unusual to enter a public washroom that still insists on using paper towels to see them strewn everywhere.

Many studies have been carried out by such prestigious facilities as the Mayo Clinic. Their study showed that hands that are washed thoroughly with soap and properly rinsed carry the same amount of bacteria whether they are dried with the paper towel of a hand dryer. The way hands are washed is far more important than they way they are dried when bacteria count is the criteria.

Automatic hand dryers:

Traditional hand dryers, those that have been commercially available for years are inexpensive, and they require that a button is pushed before they will operate, some users are of the opinion that these units are not very hygienic.

This fear, and that’s all it is, is eliminated through the use of “hands-off” automatic hand dryers for washroom use. There is no button, as the name implies, the unit operates automatically. When hands are put under the warm air nozzle, a sensor starts the cycle, when the hands are withdrawn the dry cycle stops. There is absolutely no need to touch the hand dryer.

To reduce the prevalence of bacteria; wash well, rinse well and use an automatic hand dryer.

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