4 Reasons to Do Pre-Employment Background Checks in California

by | Apr 8, 2019 | Human Resources

Why are employee Background Checks in California necessary? Many of the state’s employers are asking this question, for various reasons. However, background checks are crucial, regardless of industry. Here are a few reasons why it’s so important for employers to do background checks on new hires.

Highlighting Candidates’ Relevant Criminal Records

This reason seems relatively obvious. Most employers do background checks on potential hires because they need to know about their criminal histories. Certain charges may affect how well a candidate fits a position. For instance, a person with a violent past may not be the right fit for a customer service job, while a person with drunk driving convictions shouldn’t be a delivery driver.

Flagging Dangerous Applicants

Simply put, some people pose threats to the safety of co-workers, customers, and employers. Most bosses don’t want dangerous criminals on their teams, and if they hire someone with a violent past, they can be held responsible for any future workplace incidents. A background check diminishes this liability by flagging those with violent histories.

Revealing Applicants’ Dishonesty

Lying during job interviews is an unfortunate, yet common occurrence. While most of these lies are minor, sometimes, they’re quite substantial. A comprehensive background check will uncover these falsehoods and screen out dishonest applicants. No employer wants workers who are willing to stretch the truth, and Background Checks in California helps bosses make good hiring decisions.

A Legal Way to Learn About Job Candidates

Hiring new employees is a complex process. The job market is very competitive, which means most employers will get dozens of applications for every position. The process of narrowing the field and choosing the right applicant is difficult, which makes background checks an easy way to learn more about each candidate while working within the confines of the law.

Start the Background Checking Process Today

Background checks help employers save time and money by making it simpler to make the right hiring decisions. Between reading resumes, holding interviews, and training employees, the process is costly in terms of productivity. Visit Civilitypartners.com to learn how the company’s services will streamline the hiring process. You can also follow them on Twitter for more information.

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